Support And Counselling Helped Me To Grieve In A Healthy Way


“Unfortunately the NHS could not save my partner, she had secondary cancer of the liver, so unexpected, one day fit, the other critically ill. They tried their best and the care from the palliative care staff of the Barnsley Hospice, which works in close partnership with Barnsley General, was exceptional, for both of us! This included support and counselling after, that has enabled me to grieve in a healthy way and find a new life, you do not get over a death you learn slowly to deal with it and the NHS helped.”

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  • Reply Francis michael kenny October 30, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    Without the NHS I would be a slave to the manic depressive illness
    At the Atkinson-Morley hospital I was not only treated but trained so well in life skill
    I regarded the Hospital as a University of Life
    (And I had been at Cambridge before)
    Further they trained me as a psychiatrist in my illness and I
    have been able to treat myself, for free, successfully for 15 years

    Thus I have left the NHS MENTAL HEALTH FACILITIES free for
    other patients and been able to do anything I wanted in my life

    I don’t think private medicine has this breadth or vision

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